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Taking Life from Daily Drudgery to Enjoyable Touchpoints -

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

A Look at How We Use our Schedules

Oh, what a February!

February's theme was Daily Rhythms - and now as I reflect back on how THAT went, I remember why I always feel like I fail at life. I need to post on the wall somewhere that my routine does NOT define me and that it is ok to change it for a day or forever when I need to.

My routine does NOT define me

In the past I have written out regular schedules that include my specific client work times, time for my chosen hobby of the moment, even when I should eat lunch (oh for goodness sake - no wonder they never worked). I planned out my whole week - almost to the minute (granted I did have ‘events’ on it that were really downtime for me), only to ignore my carefully created, pretty little schedule. I don’t really like the word schedule, so I always carefully called it a flight plan, or my rhythm, or whatever that flavour of the month was.

Project Repeat

I thought I would use this month to create ANOTHER one of those useless schedules. Thank goodness I had a session on the word ‘schedule’ because I discovered some really important things about how I work - and maybe this would be helpful for all you rebels out there who baulk at the idea of a ‘schedule’. After a session on the word schedule, I looked at my crazy notes and decided NEVER AGAIN. I currently have my work time scheduled and certain recurring appointments that I need to keep in mind, and my days revolve around this stuff. Also, appointments happen and the kid needs some random thing that takes me away from my current task (or some future task). My current thoughts are revolving around having certain ‘touchpoints’ in my day, week and month. I have a few things that are already happening, things that make my heart sing and my soul dance. I write in my journal MOST mornings, I have one whole day each week with my partner, I zoom with my friend at the same time twice each week (and we are flexible about needing time away, or shortened calls etc.), and I love having one Sunday a month as my personal retreat day.


So I am putting those things - the zooming, the day with my partner, the day I take Lilly to volunteer at the bookstore (where I am currently writing these missives for you), and the retreat day on the calendar in our control centre (and my phone). And allowing the rest to just be for now, I think that with a bit more time I may add a thing or two to the list, but starting small feels right. It is all written in pencil - and I am learning to be fine if things need to change for any reason (this in itself has been a big thing for my anxiety).

For those of you who are interested - the snow storm weekends remained with us for the month of February. We were jokingly calling ‘Friday’ - ‘storm day’ because it had been way too consistent for our mental wellness. Thank goodness most Saturdays were much nicer weather-wise so our little winter market has been able to open each week - finally.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Storm-day, Clean-Up-Day, Sunday - Repeat

One of my clients has been a true inspiration to me. They had a health setback that rocked their world and caused them to have to take things super slow, which is aggravating. The determination they show every time we work together has been so inspiring. I have really been thinking about how I want to be in the world, and their example has been such a gift for me to watch and learn from. In the middle of this short busy month, I took a five day course about marketing on social media. I learned so many interesting things that I will add to my marketing toolbox, but I also learned more about myself. I want to eventually move away from social media and bring a different approach to my online experience. I am currently using social media, but I am preparing to change that at some point in the future.

Holy Hannah - It was crazy, crazy!

What a crazy month it has been, as I reflect back on the month's madness. Taking into account all that I have accomplished and the connections I have made, I ask you to take a moment and thank yourself for what progress you made. Progress is not always linear (heck, it is NEVER linear) but it is always an accomplishment. Remember, what you accomplish does not define you, who you are as a human does. Be kind and keep on swinging, I know you will land among the stars.


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