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Word of The Year Bringing Myself into Alignment

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

Most years I have chosen a word to bring myself to. Many times I gave it up before the end of February, because at those times I felt like the word changed on me. From whatever it was (Serenity, Balance, Blessing, Sacred) to “Education” and “Learn”. I used to think that maybe this was because in my soul contract I chose the concept of learning for this life.

Have you done this? Chosen a word for the year? Had doubts about the choice that you made for yourself to reach higher in life? Fallen off the path of something without giving it a fair try?

This year, after much reflection and contemplation I chose the word Align. This time I also chose to create some ‘to do’s’ for my word. What I have happily discovered is that I can have MY word Align and Learn about it at the same time…

Ways I have worked with Alignment

Some of the things I have done to keep Align in 'my sphere of reflection' is to do some activity on my monthly retreat days about it - or that include it. Last month I created a dream book of sorts and on each set of pages I included the same symbol, which to me feels like “to be in alignment with’. I have written definitions for it, as well as some synonyms and antonyms, and I have added it to my journal and gratitude list. So this year - so far - I have kept the same word of the year past February - AND I see how I will continue to connect with it.

Align can mean so many different things. For me, at this time in my life, I am using it to reflect how I want my work, my life and my actions to be in alignment with my heart and soul’s purpose, as well as bring my lower consciousness, consciousness and higher consciousness into alignment. When I contemplate bringing something new into my life, or some change that I am thinking about choosing, I bring it to my word, Align. I meditate on it, I spend some time writing about it and then choose the cleanest feeling action to take from that point. Does this mean I do this perfectly? No, not in any way is this perfect, but so far this year, I have felt so much better about my new ways of being and doing. I am also learning how to bring my triggers to my word, Align, and becoming curious to how I can move into Alignment with how I process them. This is by far the most challenging aspect for me right now.

Adding Align into my Rhythm

When I spend time in the morning, planning out my daily activities, I consider if they are part of the alignment process. Do they bring me into alignment? Do they bring me closer to my goals? Do they feel good in my body when I think about them? If the answer is ‘no’ to any of these questions, then I look at whether they are an obligation that I need to move off my plate at some point, or if they are important to me in other ways. Then I decide if they stay on my schedule in the future, or if I need to phase them out of my life. I am slowly bringing myself to the things that serve me. I am grateful for how I feel when I am successful at bringing myself into closer Alignment with my higher potential.

When I look at how my day went, before I go to sleep at night, I think about several things. How I did well with being in alignment with my highest good, where I can do better tomorrow and I give myself credit for my successes. Some days the monkey on my back gets the better of me and I miss so many things that are important to me. Other days things seem to fall into place easily with what I want to bring my attention to. I am always learning and improving where I stand with Align.

Visioning with Alignment

I think I may soon make a vision board for it and hang it where I will see it everyday. I find that having visual stimuli helps me keep things to the forefront of my mind. I am feeling ‘itchy’ to create something and this feels like a good direction to go. I usually spend some of my retreat days creating and or writing, so for the next retreat day, I will put together a little kit of things to glue on a canvas around the word Align.

How do you keep the things that you are working on inwardly in your environment? Do you need a list or a visual reminder? Do you track it in a journal or a planner? I would love to hear about how you process these things in your life.

Digging a little Deeper

I have enjoyed this concept of having a word for the year and I am really happy with my new ways of incorporating it into my life. I hope that reading this has inspired you to dig a little deeper into your life and bring some of your wisdom to your consciousness and into your everyday reality.


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