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Time and Attention Management + Processing the Curveballs Life Throws

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

Ha ha ha, Work expands to fill the time, AND, being easily distracted from my own work makes it super challenging to actually get things done (which is what GTD system stands for). Did I ‘do the do things’ this month? Sort of.

Try, try and try again

I got a good start of setting up the GTD system and had a good look at Attention Management (as opposed to Time Management). Attention Management is a way of tracking your most productive times and using them to the fullest. Which will be a great plan to have in place as I move into the next phases of creating courses, content and getting better at promoting this sweet little blog.

I added an App called 'Centered' to my devices, which uses a timer and some soft music to help me focus on the task at hand (and it has a little note at the end of a work session, congratulating me on getting to the finish line). It has been helpful the handful of times that I used it - so I will definitely use it more in the future. It works like the Pomodoro technique and offers breaks after each work session as well as has the sessions timed for optimum concentration.

I also began the sticky process of changing my commitments so that I have more productive time for Deeply Seen and Wyllow’s Pure. I had a few nice little orders for body care products in May. Hopefully that will expand a little more as I move forward. (Take a look at for your body care needs).

I continued on with working with my physio client and working in an office part time, which makes getting sorted around my time for working on MY thing more challenging - I often feel like I need to ‘change my hat’ several times a day and the focus change feels really exhausting. The work with each client is lovely in the moment, though at the end, the switch from physio to office admin to Blog writer is taxing on the brain. July will be a bit lighter as I am moving my physio client to a new person - Sad to be leaving, but I need to make my dreams come true.

And in May, Lilly moved away to Ontario, where they’ve been thriving and exploring and job searching - all while waiting for the amazing news that they got into their first choice of University! They finally got the email acceptance, and the second choice (which Lilly got into forever ago) is now no longer the plan. Thank goodness both choices were close enough together that the living situation was easy to arrange - and a huge thank you to my friends for boarding Lilly and helping them navigate the city. The job situation has been sorted as well - but that happened in June…

Emotional Highjack

I also have been trying to navigate a very difficult situation of being the ‘messenger’ between two parties (not realising that they had not been communicating with each other). In trying to help my dearest friend out when she broke her leg in January - I have created a chasm that we might never be able to bridge. Unfortunately, she still has a long way to go to mend, and I am no longer able to help out in this way anymore. I certainly fell down in my attempts at clear communication on this one - and in some ways I am definitely the asshole in the situation. But now I am grieving. I have been processing waves of sadness, and melancholy, sometimes hourly, sometimes daily. And I think that she feels this way too.

So I have had all kinds of emotional stuff bouncing around in my brain during the month of May.

What about you?

When have you been thrown off the train emotionally? How did you survive it? (I could certainly use some tips). Did you ever lose a friend that you loved dearly - and found out that you were actually the asshole in the situation? Feel free to share with me by email, sometimes sharing takes some of the sting away.

I believe that grief is love that no longer has a place to land - and so we keep carrying it around with us for a while. With time, we find new places to share it, and new ways to love. As we move through the process grief can creep up at the oddest things, making a salad, seeing a colour or the cover of a book.

The month of May closed for me gently, with pain and expectation in my heart. May the rest of the year slide with more ease and flow, as I move as gracefully as I am able through it.


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