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The Lost Art of Writing Love Letters

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

Real Close Connection

In this crazy digital age of email, social media, busyness, texting and emojis we have moved so far away from real, thoughtful, close connection.

When was the last time you looked in the post and found a letter, a real letter, from someone in your life? I am lucky in that I have a letter writing friend who sends me cards every once in a while. I am not so great in returning the love in the same way, mind you.

A Letter in the Post

I am going to challenge myself to write a short, simple card or letter to someone everyday for 21 days. Hmmm, that feels really ambitious, but it also feels like a good exercise. I think that as a part of this challenge I will include myself in the list. Many years ago, when I was working intensely on my mental wellness, I wrote myself a couple of letters and had a friend pop them into the mail every couple of months (I had them addressed and stamped, and ready to go). Each time one arrived, I actually felt surprised. In the day-to-day of living it is so easy to forget that we have done this kind of thing, so it IS a happy surprise.

How about you? Would you like to open the post box and find a handwritten letter? Even if it is from yourself? Send me an email and let me know - maybe we can encourage each other…

I have twice written and sent letters to people, sharing the ways in which they have enriched my life. I felt bubbly inside as I popped them into the post box. While I was waiting to hear that they had received them I was almost on tenter-hooks with excitement. In both cases, they were welcomed enthusiastically (and I wonder if people always felt that way, or if it is a product of the time we live in) and one of them passed a letter coming back from the recipient!

Two Letters passing each other in the Post

A simple greeting card with the note ‘Thinking of You’ can go a long way in making someone feel special and if we know that someone is struggling with something in their life a gentle acknowledgement of it can really help them as they wade through the muck of life. I know that I always look forward to greeting cards in the mail, but I almost never remember to get them out and sadly opt for the facebook version.

Love Packages

And packages - who remembers packages from relatives, packed so full with love and sweet blessings? That is something that amazon cannot replace, the love and care that went into those amazing packages. I have sent a few out into the world through our little Etsy shop, and just putting them together has given me a feeling of joy. Knowing that the recipient (either the buyer, or a gift for another) will get to open each little thing in there, and find the sweet little extras we popped in for them - there is no feeling like that anticipation of their reaction (and I don’t always know how it was received).

I appreciate you

Are you willing to join me and send out a few love letters? A ‘thank you for a job well done’ to an outstanding employee or coworker, a ‘thinking of you’ to an old friend who lives far away, an ‘I love you’ to your grandfather or dad. How about a gratitude letter to your biggest supporter - you know, the person that you can call in the middle of the night, who won’t ask what you did, but rather join you in getting rid of the evidence? (Ok - maybe that is pushing the envelope, but you get the idea). These do NOT need to be ‘pretty’ or ‘fancy’ they can just be a jotted note, popped into the nearest post box.

I am always eager to hear about what you shared and how you felt. Feel free to send me an email and let me know if you are joining me for the next 21 days (or even posting just a few letters) and sending some letters in the mail. Send ME a Letter...


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