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That Was Quite A January...

Was the beginning of 2022 as crazy for you as it seemed to be for me?

My plan was to only review how the Creative Identity piece went, but so much happened in and around it that it turned out to NOT be the focus I really wanted it to be…

It was quite a month and so much happened including

  • Severe Winter Storms almost Every Weekend

  • My Best Friend Fell and Broke her Leg at the beginning of the month (and I took on some of her jobs)

  • Learned how to help a patient with PT and OT - all new experiences for me

  • Two of my Children and my Brother had Birthdays

  • Medical Adventure with my Youngest (Finally OVER)

  • Two at Home Solitary Retreat Days

  • Sharing about Labels, Choices, Truth and Alignment

  • Continue online learning with Leonie Dawson

Stormy Weather

The winter storms created two weekends with no electricity and another snowed in weekend, which made my ‘date day’ on Saturdays less than ideal. We persevered with time together, with an extra person in tow once we could safely drive, during which we warmed up and cooked with his wood stove. We learned new ways of being together in his very small home (which allowed me to work on practicing patience and letting go).

My eldest turned 23 and my youngest turned 17 in the same week of January - HOW did that happen?!?!? My youngest child had a lung issue creating the medical adventure, which involved having the emergency doctor send them home with a drain attached between their ribs to the lung - not the adventure we would hope for (it finally came out in the second week of February!).

Retreat Days

I held two at home retreat days, (watch for future blog posts about them). The first one, I started without a clear plan of what I wanted to do and ended up having an amazing day - I meditated a few times, I started drawing again, I listened to soft music, napped and of course worked on learning Russian (I have a streak of more than 400 days on Duolingo!). The second retreat day, I started with a bit more of a plan, and while I am glad I planned an art project, it felt too structured, so there will be tweaks for the next one.

I met with a dear friend most weeks in January, some of the time we had ‘Spring Clean’ sessions. I am so excited to share this experience with others, it has changed my life! We chose to do a few of them ‘together’ using the same idea (those ideas being labels and choices) and other times we chose to do them one at a time with ideas that resonated for only one of us. I did one on ‘time for me’. The connection we have has been astounding seeing as we have a thirty year age gap and our knowledge bases are vastly different. I alway look forward to our next Zoom call.

My ‘Word of the Year’ Align

This has been deep work that will continue throughout the year. I found it challenging to find a good definition for it, so I created one that felt right for me. I am finding myself planning things around feeling in alignment with my soul, which is a great improvement from trying to have this in other years.

I continue working with my courses from Leonie Dawson. They have really helped me move my business in the direction I wish to go, with integrity and authenticity. Check her out here.

Creative Self Identity

I looked long and hard at my belief systems and decided that I need to be more clear and positive. Several of my newly worded positive beliefs are now part of my affirmations. I look forward to choosing two each day to put into my journal. I also worked on a ‘life audit’ strategy to become clear about where I am now and where I want to go in the future. I discovered that I mostly am exactly where I want to be, I just want MORE of that. More alignment, more authenticity, more integrity, more openness with communication, more accountability, more clearness with boundaries, more consent based communication. I mostly like who I am - which is a huge change from just a few short years ago - and will work towards creating more experiences and adventures in my life that make me feel more alive.


I am currently scrutinizing the labels which I identify with, so that I can release old outdated self beliefs and choose labels that resonate with me and that are changeable with time, as I grow and learn more about this amazing life.

While I could wish for a better February, I believe that this month has really been good to help me define a clearer picture of what I am and what I want to be. So, I hope that the rest of 2022 continues to bring me into alignment with my highest self.

Where are you headed on your path to self-fulfillment? Are you finding the tools you need? I look forward to the next steps on my path and to sharing my trials and triumphs with you, kindred readers.

With Peace and Love,



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