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Separating Work from Play (Or Bringing Play to Work)

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

A June Review

So apparently I mixed up May and June from my blog post last December, and switched them in practice. Life sure has a way of keeping me on my toes. So this past month, I have been looking at how I use my workspace, both for work and for personal stuff this past June.

Have you done that?

Planned something that was meant to help you get sorted and completely mixed it up? Thank goodness this was an easy fix!

Work, work it out baby..

My work time involves;

  • Writing blog posts

  • Creating videos (have you seen my Instagram yet? @deeply.seen)

  • Learning all of the craziness of SEO, pinterest pins, and how to make infographics

  • Putting together little facebook posts

  • And sorting through all of the many, many things I need to track and to schedule etc, etc, etc.



My personal use of my office space involves;

  • Playing on my computer looking for inspiring things

  • Zooming with various classes or courses that I am working on

  • Journal writing

  • Creative play, like decoupage on clipboards (see picture)

  • Drawing anime style

  • And making a collage for Lilly

I also often burn candles on the desk for various people, as a way of sharing sacred energy or prayer (It's a safe place and I can see it from everywhere in the room). The printer also lives in my workspace - and I often print things out to put up on the walls for inspiration.


Sacred time in sacred space

I also tend to use my sacred space a lot for both work and my personal life. You may remember seeing pictures in the blog post My Home My Temple. I feel so cosy when I am in it and I like how it looks as the background in my videos. I feel like I am doing sacred work when I consciously work in this area - and if I have a zoom call, I am likely to be in this space so I can share the sacredness of it with everyone.


Paying Attention!

So, I did pay attention to how I use the space. I also added a piece to my journal about when my ‘work time’ is finished each day. I have been really good about honouring that. This has probably been one of the best tools that I have ever come across. Work grows to fill the time we allot for it, the same way the traffic grows to fill the highways that we build. I am also getting better at staying on task when I am working - there are so many ways that I have tried this (the writing of this post is being done using an accountability group on zoom, so I am getting creative).

The rest of June went by in a blur, I sadly gave notice to one of my clients so that I can really work on getting this dream of mine up and running. That was one of the hardest things I had to do - I am really missing my time with them and the inspiration they brought me. I streamlined my other client to seven hours (only) a week and so far that is working well. Getting time to work on the dream freed up, made space for me to have several migraines and an ear infection (owie). Just when I thought I was all grown up and now I have had two ear infections (never had one as a kid - what’s up with that?). I guess the stresses of not feeling like I had enough time and energy to work on these dreams of mine caught up with me.

Life sure has a way of speeding up - Any ideas on how to slow it down?

I held my monthly self care retreat day with more success in June. The weather cooperated for a nice long walk in nature. I had yummy leftovers so I actually had the food part sorted. I really paid attention to myself, lit candles, wrote in journals, and began the creating process for Lilly's collage (now I just need to put more time on it).

Sweet Kindreds

Have you given yourself time lately? An hour to window-shop in a favourite store? A walk in nature? A day of rest and Netflix bingeing? A day of retreat from the world, the screens, the busyness? I wish for you the peace I feel on my retreat days - it feels so relaxing and rejuvenating. Retreat days help me embody my word of the year - Align. How do I bring myself into alignment with my highest good? Mmm, that always feels so good.

With so much love,


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