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Seek Your Truth

As you may have seen, I offer a coaching program at Deeply Seen. I currently have space for some individuals for one-on-one coaching and will soon be offering a group program.

My vision is to bring women and enbies to a foundational place. To feel resourced in living their dreams, and safe in navigating their storms.

Life always brings us storms, along with rainbows, sunshine and ease. It is how we navigate those storms is what makes us unique. I offer to share the tools, tips and tricks that I have accumulated in navigating my own storms so that you can also feel stronger. My dream is to create with you a foundation that will support you and make your growing dreams thrive.

I began this blog with a post of tools that I use to ‘nurture’ myself. By nurture, I meant; to brave through the craziest of storms, to take on large challenges that are not of my own making (but which affect me in huge ways) and to come out the other side feeling peaceful. I moved into a place where I can reach for ease and flow during the storm so I can master it and learn from it. I learned how to process my emotions as I move through the storm, instead of allowing them to rule my mind. This is so much more comfortable in the longer term than my old way of STUFFING those emotions down into my body.

'Seek Your Truth' ~ Wyllow

Deeply Seen begins with seeking your truth. Looking at what ways we allow the beliefs of others to become the glasses through which we see the world. Learning how we become indoctrinated by the influences around us. Changing the lens through which we see the world, for one of clarity, truth, trust and peace. Choosing our beliefs so that OUR wisdom reigns in our lives and decisions.

We work to support and nurture each other (in the group programs) as we set aside those old beliefs and influences. This allows you to each truly discover your own way. Together we share ways of expressing and processing our emotions. All are encouraged to support each other in experiencing those emotions. You are invited to share the ways in which you may have bottled up your emotions, labeled them and allowed them to rule you.

Everyone is welcome to courageously air out their inherited beliefs and decide if they have a valid place in their lives. If keeping those beliefs is a kindness to ourselves and those around us. We look toward those who we influence and decide clearly what lessons we want to impart. What ways of living are kindnesses to ourselves, to those we influence and the world that will be influenced by them. We each get to choose which beliefs we hold as true for ourselves.

Unique way to Experience the WORLD

Each person has a unique way of experiencing the world and the influences we are exposed to throughout our lives can make it difficult to truly own that. We are left feeling out of place, like square pegs in round holes or even just ‘wrong’ for feeling the way we feel. Yet all feelings are valid, and important. Without them we would struggle to know what is ‘safe’, or what needs to change in our lives or worldview.

My vision includes creating spaces in our lives to live from our unique truths, being our perfect selves, and being able to accept ourselves as we are. I invite you to join me and experience the clarity in being truly, Deeply Seen.


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