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Step into the realm of transformative growth and personal development with RIGHT Goals—a holistic, soul-aligned, and life-changing approach that goes beyond conventional goal-setting. In this exploration, we'll delve into the essence of RIGHT Goals, their connection to your personal development journey, and practical steps to choose and achieve them.

Understanding RIGHT Goals

While SMART goals focus on specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-framed objectives, RIGHT Goals elevate your aspirations. They encompass:

R: Realistic and Resonant with your values.

I: Inspiring and Intrinsically motivated.

G: Growth-focused, both personally and spiritually.

H: Holistic, considering your overall well-being and life balance.

T: Time-framed, with an understanding of the right timing for your journey.

RIGHT Goals are not just about external achievements; they penetrate deep into your soul's desires and align with your true purpose.

What to Expect

As we navigate this journey, you'll engage with journal prompts, gain insights, and receive practical steps. Prepare to embark on a profound exploration of self-discovery and personal transformation.

Before we dive into crafting RIGHT Goals, reflect on these journal prompts:

What goals truly resonate with my soul?

How have past goals aligned or misaligned with my values and inner purpose?

What aspects of my life are calling for transformation and growth right now?

How can setting RIGHT Goals impact my overall well-being and sense of fulfilment?

Taking a moment to ponder these questions prepares your mind to assimilate this holistic perspective into your decisions and life, fostering a deeper connection.

Exercise 1:

Values Clarification

Our first exercise will help you clarify your core values:

Create a list of values important to you—honesty, creativity, compassion, or any resonant to your soul.

Choose the top five values truly representing who you are.

Reflect on how these values have influenced your life choices and goals.

Steps to Create RIGHT Goals

Choosing RIGHT Goals is a deliberate and soulful process. Here are steps to guide you:

Reflect on Your Values: Identify core values guiding your life. RIGHT Goals must align with these values for lasting impact.

Connect with Your Inner Calling: Listen to your inner voice and intuition. What are the desires of your soul? RIGHT Goals often stem from this inner calling. Listening to your inner self can be such a beautiful catalyst for bringing your life into cleaner alignment with your soul-self.

A vibrant and diverse community engaged in a circle of support and connection, symbolising an inclusive and supportive environment for non-binary folks and women on their RIGHT Goals journey.

Exercise 2:

Explore YOUR Inner Desires

Use this opportunity to take some time for exploring your inner desires:

Find a quiet space, close your eyes, and breathe deeply.

Envision a future where you've realised your most soulful desires.

What does that future look like? What emotions do you feel? What are you doing? Allow the thoughts/pictures/sounds to become so full of life that you feel like you are in this space NOW.

Open your eyes and jot down your insights and feelings. Grab the details. Write out the emotions that arose. Give yourself the fullest picture possible of how this inner connection was born.

If thoughts or feelings of what you are ‘supposed’ to be, to do, to feel, allow them space to be recognised and then release them to the people who planted them. Those thoughts, feelings and beliefs do not belong to you, release them. Release them.

Embrace Holistic Growth

Consider how your goals affect all aspects of your life—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Ensure they promote overall well-being.

Exercise 3:

Holistic Well-Being Assessment

List life areas such as career, relationships, health, identity, and spirituality, things that resonate for YOU..

Rate your satisfaction in each area on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most satisfied.

Reflect on lower-rated areas and consider how RIGHT Goals can bring positive transformation.

Find Intrinsic Motivation

Seek goals that genuinely excite you, where the journey itself is rewarding. Intrinsic motivation fuels the pursuit of RIGHT Goals.

Set a Meaningful Timeline

While RIGHT Goals have a timeframe, they respect your unique life path. Allow flexibility when needed.

The Power of RIGHT Goals

RIGHT Goals are about transformation, not just achievement. By aligning with your values and inner calling, you embark on a profound journey of personal growth and self-discovery, which can have profound impact on how you move through your life.

Journal Prompts:

How do my values influence my life choices and personal development?

What is my soul's true purpose, and how can my goals reflect that purpose?

In what ways can I nurture my holistic well-being while pursuing my goals?

How can I stay motivated by the intrinsic rewards of my goals, even when challenges arise?

Steps to Create RIGHT Goals

Stay Aligned with Your Values: Regularly revisit your core values and ensure your goals remain in harmony with them. Adjust as needed. This work takes time and attention. Give yourself grace to start over again as needed (and remember, once you have done something, starting over is NOT from square one. It is from the experience you now have in doing this new thing).

Celebrate Milestones: Acknowledge and celebrate your progress along the way. Every step toward a RIGHT Goal is a step toward self-realisation.

Seek Support and Accountability: Share your RIGHT Goals with a supportive, inclusive community or coach. Having accountability and encouragement can propel you forward.


A person holding a light, symbolising the light we gain that occurs when you set RIGHT Goals aligned with your values and purpose.

Creating Your RIGHT Goals

Now, let's craft your RIGHT Goals:

Clarify Your Values: Write down your core values, the guiding principles defining who you are.

Listen to Your Inner Calling: Reflect on your inner desires and passions. What does your soul truly long for?

Assess Your Life: Examine areas like career, relationships, health, and spirituality. Where do you see potential for transformation?

A sunrise over a calm, serene lake, symbolising the potential for renewal and transformation as you embark on your RIGHT Goals journey.

RIGHT Goals are your compass on the path of personal development. They guide you toward a life that resonates with your values, passions, and inner purpose. By setting and pursuing these goals, you embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and holistic growth.

Embrace the power of RIGHT Goals and unlock the doors to a life that aligns with your soul!


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