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My Home ~ My Temple

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Most people have a place in their life that brings them to the feelings of calm, grounded, centred… Often this special place is in their home or garden, but they don’t even realise it is there, or that they come to it for those feelings.

Do you...?

Do you find yourself taking that difficult phone call in your special chair in the lounge? Do you find yourself baking in the kitchen when you are processing those upset feelings? How about reaching for your grandfather's favourite mug each morning as you sit and plan out your day? You might even have a certain journal that you bring with you on holiday as your portable sacred space.

When we take the time to carve out this sacred space, we tend to blossom more easily. We become more ~ more alive, more of who we are, more of who we want to be. Even the creation of our sacred space feels special, and brings us closer to the divine.

Have a Little Think

The first step for me was to have a little think. To pay closer attention to what I was already doing. To where I was gravitating to in those moments of frustration, of upset. Where I found myself headed when I wanted to be alone, or to meditate. This led me to creating a more intentional place in my bedroom, where I could feel those feelings in a quiet, peaceful atmosphere. For others it might be something as simple as adding a small table with a plant or a candle to their unintentional sacred space - thereby bringing their attention to it in a more focused way.

I spent some time factoring in my family, making my sacred space separate from our common living areas. Setting a few boundaries around how to approach me when I am in that space, etc. I also invited them to create their own special spot in their room - so far, the whole room is their special place. It is important to take these things into consideration as we will be more intentional in how we carve out our special time to use the space. Some options might include an out of the way corner, or an unused (gasp) closet. Choose an area with reasonable access, but is out of the way enough so others can easily respect that it is ‘for you’. Make sure you have enough room for a cosy chair or cushion, a safe place to burn a candle (if that appeals to you) and maybe with a place to store a few items that bring you joy.

There are as many ways to use personal sacred space as there are stars in the sky. Think about what is important to you, what you will actually do and what you hope to add to your sacred practice. Then decide on what you will bring into this space based on those needs and desires (It’s a good idea to err or the side of not too much, so you will feel good about what you are creating and not ‘beat yourself up’ because you are not doing it ALL). A place to sit and have a think is plenty, anything else you decide to incorporate is ‘extra’.

SO Many Ways!

Somehow everywhere I have lived I have carved out a place for my sacred time. As a child it was my bedroom, in my first flats, it tended to overflow into the whole space. When I joined my former partner it was half of an old police desk, and I took ALL of the crisis calls for my volunteer position there. As we added children into our family, I carved out a few unintentional boundaries around myself when I was in my sacred place. I also created family friendly sacred spaces in our home. I am more able to be clear and clean in our communication as I have been learning more recently.

When I was younger I wasn’t even aware that I was doing this. I just knew that when I was doing the hard work of processing my feelings and the events in my life I needed to be ‘away’ and to be surrounded by certain special things. I spent years doing this hard work and having my special place really helped me compartmentalise it from my day to day life. I found quotes to put up on the wall and my Self Care Toolbox was born in one of my special places.

As I have been doing this work these last few years I have become more conscious and intentional about creating this space in my life. I am so much cleaner and clearer with my boundaries around others in my sacred space.

I currently have a few sacred spaces in my home (the children are older - and only one lives with me now). I have an altar in our great room that is open to be seen always and a smaller one in a cupboard above it that is more private. When we observe our holy days I open the cabinet and my child and friends use those special things to set a larger working altar right on our dining table. In my bedroom I have chosen a corner to set up a comfortable chair with a sturdy table and an unused bookshelf. There are pictures of my children when they were wee, some crystals and a candle. While everything in the space is a castoff from somewhere else in the house, my intentions while creating the space make it FEEL sacred and special. My sacred spaces are ever evolving as I learn and grow and change and move through my life, they change right along with me.

The corner in my room is where I most actively use sacred space. I sit in it often throughout the day. To meditate (even if it’s a two minute grounding exercise). I find myself there to practice Russian and to listen to podcasts. I use it when I need to process strong feelings, or to make difficult phone calls. I sit there when I am dreaming and planning and getting sorted for creating. I always Zoom with clients and friends from my special corner. I move into that corner when I am upset and need to connect by phone or Zoom with a supportive friend. I have cried many tears (both of joy and sorrow) while in my sacred space. My child gravitates to my sacred space when they need to talk about something challenging (and they often take my meditation blanket into their lap - with my blessing of course).

How about you?

I challenge you to sit and have a think about whether or not you want to have an intentional sacred space in your home. Think about where you feel most connected to Source, where you gravitate to when sad news comes by phone, where you sit in the morning with your hot cuppa and plan the day. If it feels right, start creating a sacred corner, to help bring you back to center.


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