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Mid Month Encouragement

July 2023

This month I am

Reading - some old favourites by Mercedes Lackey

Listening to the podcast Align and Attract by Kerry Rowett

Working on my writing, so I can be of as much help for you as possible.

Thinking about how to embrace my LGBTQ leanings - even when I am currently in a hetero relationship.

Happy about Summer and looking forward to the harvest and the SUN!

What are YOU looking forward to right now? How can I help make that part of your reality?

A Summer Poem

Beneath the warm embrace of the summer sun,

I frolic with the butterflies, playful and fun.

Their vibrant wings, a kaleidoscope of delight,

A whimsical dance, taking flight in sheer light.

Golden sand caresses my bare feet with grace,

As I play catch me with the cool waves' embrace.

The ocean's rhythm, a symphony of the sea,

Its salty kiss, refreshing and free.

Seagulls soar high, in the cerulean sky,

Calling out their news of light, as they fly.

Their cries harmonize with the ocean's hum,

A chorus of freedom, as they freely roam.

The sunset paints the horizon in hues divine,

Spreading out for all to see, an awe-inspiring sign.

A masterpiece of colors, a breathtaking sight,

A celestial canvas, ablaze with golden light.

As night unfolds, stars twinkle with glee,

Dancing with the fireflies, a magical spree.

Their shimmering glow, a celestial delight,

Guiding our dreams through the tranquil night.

Summer nights, filled with warmth and wonder,

Meant to be held in winter's slumber.

Memories we keep, like a cherished treasure,

Reminding us of summer's eternal pleasure.

In Peace


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