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Happy 2024 - New Year Blog Post

I have been a bit quiet this last little while. I have been percolating and ruminating and reminiscing about my journey so far with Deeply Seen.

This is my Happy 2024 Blog - which I know is a bit into January. Read on to see what held me up.

I took some time in December - really honoured myself in it, left all work things aside and enjoyed the holidays. I haven’t taken time like that in a very long while and it was wonderful. My middle child was home for a bit and so enjoyed their company - though as with all things in parenthood, I am a bit concerned about them and those heart-wrenching choices one makes in their early twenties.

After I revelled in a luxurious amount of time for ten days - I continued to stay off socials and get grounded in who I am and how I want to move forward. I meditated and drew, wrote and coloured, played with language and patterns until I found the direction my journey needs to shift back into.

I LOVE words - I love how we can change the meaning and feeling about things with the smallest of language shifts.

Last year, I got caught up in how everyone else offers their ‘coaching’ and “mentoring” services - and I am so uncomfortable with those words. I think a coach feels like someone who creates a team and PUSHES people to succeed. While that can be good for some people - I do not really offer that kind of ambition. A mentor feels to me like someone who has been on THIS PARTICULAR JOURNEY and leads people through their way - not the way the people necessarily need. I know that these words have different meanings - both in the dictionary AND in other people’s minds, this is just how I see them.

I more accurately offer guidance. I honour each person's journey - as all journeys are unique.

I support people through transitions - but each person's transition is personal and individual. I offer guidance and tools based on MY LIFE - I am the only person who has lived this particular life and had this particular perception. As all people are - I am exceptional and extraordinary in who I am. I am looking for people who have the same kind of weird as me. I am feeling braver about letting my freak flag fly

While I do offer a set of tools, some of which you already know and have tried, I encourage people to change and adapt the tools to suit them. Maybe in how they apply them, maybe when or where they use the tools, but in their own way.

One of the newer tools that I am honing right now is Curate your Experience. I have shared bits about since last October - but it has become the tool of choice for me at this point in my life.

When I “Curate my Experience” I can move more confidently through some major life changes and challenges. I find that when I CURATE my other tools and have them ready and waiting for when I need them, those tools work better. When I take the time to Curate my life, I NOURISH myself with so much self love and care. I have Curated my way through expected depressive episodes, sharing my space again after being on my own for a while, SHIFTING my role in one of my workplaces (more on this later - it is a lovely shift) even how I interact with some of the more challenging people in my life. This tool works to help me set and honour my BOUNDARIES. Curating can help us prepare for new situations, get through transitions and find our SOUL-VIEW.

Okay, I admit, that paragraph had some of the language that popped for me as I meditated last week. What do you think, do those words resonate differently for you?

What I offer IS unique and different - I am challenging myself this year to stay true to who I am, what I offer and how I communicate.

I want you to have the confidence and courage to CURATE the best year for yourself now that we are in 2024.


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