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End of February Encouragement

February has been a very up and down month. There were some great wins; helping people with my partner's business, getting some really great pictures and making some lovely connections with people online. There was also a nasty cold, which knocked me around for a whole week. So up and down, like on the carousel we go.

I have certainly needed support this month, just to get through it - and I am so grateful for the wonderful people in my life who are with me. I encourage you to reach out when you need support or help. The world does have some amazing angels walking around.

This month I am

Reading some great candy books by Mercedes Lackey. Admittedly they are all ones I have read before, but I always enjoy them.

Listening to the Comfy Cozy Witch Podcast

Working on a Readers Planner for Lilly’s Etsy Store, and when I get it sorted the next one will be for students.

Thinking about Moon Magick, I am looking towards being more connected in my spiritual path and I have not properly practiced in a long while - not since my friendship with my dearest friend fell apart.

Looking forward to SPRING - with the Sun and some birthdays, the new growth and the warmth in the earth.

Happy about the way the renovations in my apartment worked out - and the way I set my furniture afterwards. It feels refreshing and new.


The tulips poke through

The earth's soft dewy layers

Brings me to sweet joy



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