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Deeply Seen's Thanksgiving Day Guide

Reducing Stress, Finding Gratitude, and Honouring the Land

Welcome to Deeply Seen, where I, Wyllow, believe that Thanksgiving is a time for more than just indulging in a feast. It's a chance to deepen your gratitude, connect meaningfully, and acknowledge the historical context of the holiday. Join me in curating a Thanksgiving experience that reflects these values.

A Focus on Gratitude

Thanksgiving calls for us to pause and express gratitude for life's abundance. It's an opportunity to treasure the love of family and friends, the blessings of health and happiness, and the simple joys that surround us. However, in the midst of holiday preparations, the essence of gratitude can sometimes be overshadowed.

Reducing Stress and Finding Connection

The holidays, with their preparations and expectations, can be overwhelming. I understand this firsthand, and that's why I've created a special downloadable PDF resource to help you navigate Thanksgiving with ease. This guide offers actionable steps to reduce stress, foster deep connections, and immerse yourself in gratitude.

Acknowledging Our History and Honouring the Land

Thanksgiving's history is intertwined with colonialism and the displacement of native populations. As we gather, we must acknowledge this history and honour the land we reside on.

Some ways to incorporate this into your Thanksgiving celebration:

  • Learn About Indigenous Cultures: Take time to educate yourself and your loved ones about the native cultures and histories of your land.

  • Support Indigenous Communities: Seek out and support indigenous-owned businesses and artists in your local area.

  • Sustainable Celebrations: Make environmentally conscious choices for your Thanksgiving, such as minimising food waste and opting for reusable tableware.

  • Land Acknowledgment: Commence your Thanksgiving gathering with a heartfelt land acknowledgment, recognizing the indigenous peoples whose land you reside on and expressing gratitude for their stewardship.

This Thanksgiving, join me in embracing the true spirit of gratitude, reducing stress, and paying homage to the historical context of this holiday. Together, we can curate a Thanksgiving experience that authentically honours the land, our traditions, and the connections that make this day special.

Download your Curating Thanksgiving Guide today and embark on a journey of gratitude and connection.

Wishing you a Thanksgiving filled with love, laughter, and profound moments of reflection.


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