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Deeply Seen - Here I come!

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

I am ramping myself up, preparing to launch this baby that I have been working on for the past year and a half. Deeply Seen is ready to be experienced by the amazing people who want to make a shift in their journey with me.

For these past few months, I have felt so many emotions about this process. Fear that *I* will be rejected over this, elated to be at the point of seeing it fly. I think perhaps all of my emotional and physical challenges of late have at least a little bit to do with getting to this point. I wonder if new mama’s feel this way as their children are birthed into the world. I never experienced THAT part of motherhood, as I dreamt my children into my world, bringing them together into our home.

I am learning to view the world through a different lens as I move into this launch. In some ways I am moved to this place of calm decisiveness. Waiting for the moment that Source nudges me onto the stage. Working through the emotions as they arrive - I am so damn glad that I have a good process for emotional regulation now. I find myself working through various emotions every single day, these last few weeks.

Excited to the CORE

I am so excited to meet those of you who feel pulled to join me in my program - Transitioning from Emotional Discord to Living in Ease and Flow - and also a teeny bit nervous. I know that this will help transform lives, and help people to take the tools they have and transmute them into tools that work more effectively for them. I feel myself rise up in awe at the thought of sharing my tools, tips and hacks in this new way.

I am also feeling super charged to be in a place of community creation again. When I was a childcare provider, one of my key gifts was bringing people together. Helping them help each other and learn from each other. I had some amazing families in my childcare, and the gifts they brought to the world and to me were awesome. I remember when we found out that we were getting our son early, and were totally unprepared for him, they came to our home and brought us everything we needed for a newborn baby - and clothes right up to size TWO. Our little daycare community came together to help a newcomer to Canada prepare for her newborn, with furniture, to nursing brassieres. That community was my favourite place to be.

Build Community

I am called to create community everytime I try something new. With Deeply Seen this will be my first time with a virtual community and I feel butterflies in my belly about it. I hope to reach the people who will benefit from my program, and grow together into a support group for each other.

I offer practical tools, and systems to help you find ways to move into a more emotionally regulated space. I share ways of bringing you into a place where you can still find options to move you, even as you bring your brain back online from an emotional highjack. As we work together through my program (or 1:1 mentoring sequence), you will find the things that work for YOU - not only for me. I know that we are all unique and need different tools and ideas to heal ourselves. So even as we work in a group, you will find resources that are useful for you, even if other tips I bring into the group are more suited for another.

If you are a woman or non-binary person who struggles with emotional regulation and feels like you are alone in the world, unless you are doing everything for everyone, then book a call with me and let's see if we are a good fit for each other.


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