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Cycles and Seasons

The journey we experience on the earth, as we wind down, around and through time, follows the same cycles as the journey we make in the ether. The biggest difference is that in when we only focus on the seen world, we cannot easily notice these cycles underneath. Unless we are carefully watching for them.

We easily learn the cycles of the earth’s seasons, wherever we live. We come to understand the cycles of our bodies, through the observation of life around us and as we are taught. These cycles become obvious as we grow into our lives. Our inner cycles are often less apparent, and even unknown to us. Lightworkers are starting to become aware of these cycles. I am seeing more and more people starting to pay attention, to mark these in their lives. The witches, empaths, lightworkers and sensitives are showing the way to our inner world cycles.

One of the cycles that I have recently become aware of mimics the seasons. It moves through our lives, with fallow periods, planting times, growing periods and harvesting. It changes as we change and we experience it as we move through our creativity, birthing our projects and dreams. Though these seasons mimic the earth's seasons, the timing is different, it is more internal and can sometimes be found as we follow the way we move through a project, or a transition. It is linear - Spring to Summer, to Autumn, to Winter - but it can take as little as a few weeks or as long as a few years.

As we move into a spring, we feel the excitement of new ideas and beginnings. We brainstorm and plant seeds into our lives. Though often this is seen as a ‘transition’ not a ‘season’. It looks like a new job or a move, a marriage or a new family member. When we are deliberate with it, we can shift the whole picture - all of the seasons feel better, calmer, and more peaceful.

Spring turns to summer and we nurture the new rhythms. We might weather a few storms as we toil with the routine and tweak it here and there. Our boxes are unpacked, but we might still shift our belongings as we discover better ways to move through the day. As we bring our awareness to how this season flows out of the last one, we add a richer experience to our ‘summer’. It becomes juicier and sweeter.

Then we slip into autumn, and bring the harvest of our efforts home. We get the bonus, or the kids go off to daycare and preschool. We might shift the rhythm of the days as the stickiness of babyhood slips into childhood. We notice that things are a little more tarnished. The smell of the decay can be both intoxicating and cloying. But all things come to fruition, and we have a bountiful harvest - if we were deliberate in our earlier efforts.

“It's all a series of serendipities with no beginnings and no ends. Such infinitesimal possibilities Through which love transcends.” ― Ana Claudia Antunes, The Tao of Physical and Spiritual

Winter is the time when we reflect, did it go well? Was the boss happy with the project? Did the client complain? We can look at how things evolved and decide to try again when we have the next new experience. We might have a reprieve from the kids busyness as they become more self-sufficient. What do we want to bring into our next spring? Were there parts that felt joyful? Or pleasurable? The biggest challenge I see in this is that we can be in more than one season at a time - especially now when time is speeding up. I am in the spring with my new venture, and the winter in my parenting.

Taking the time to be clear with myself about which season is most prominent in my life and honouring my path through the seasons makes me feel more in ease and flow. I am learning to slow down and become more deliberate with my time in each project. These cycles have been a part of life always, and now we are learning to see and flow with them. As we use our time in them with more forethought and awareness, we will become richer.

When we are living these life seasons, without attention or intention, we can end up feeling more like a whirling dervish, unsure of what is next, or how our efforts landed in the world. The beauty lies in the intention, ans attention of which season we are in, and preparing for it to change and shift, as all seasons do.

Can you pinpoint the 'season' that you are in? Is this something that you feel might help you navigate some of life's challenges?


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