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Are you SAD?

Seasonal Affective Disorder

It is that time of year when we think about being more inward. We find solace in the simplest of things, a hot cup of tea, a good book, a simple conversation with someone we hold dear. Winter is upon us.

I personally have very mixed feelings about the drab winter weather, especially where I live. We go from the beauty of a snowfall, to the warmer temperatures and the ground becomes a mix of slush, snow and dirt - as my dear friend C. says “Snirt”. Don’t get me wrong, the snow is beautiful and the change of seasons is an amazing way to experience this world. But the darker days, longer nights and the snirt are enough to make me want to hibernate with the warm bears.

How do I cope with the dis-ease of seasonal affective disorder? I am so glad that you asked. I surround myself with things I find beautiful and things that help me feel grounded.

Unfortunately, I am still sorting out how to keep my poor houseplants alive, how much sun, which window - remember to water them. I do have one plant currently, a gift from a friend which so far I have kept alive for over a year!

I have pictures of flowers on my phone and I refer back to them often. I have reminders of nature all through the house, a green garland, mini evergreen trees, crystals, stones and seashells. Feathers that I have found. Pictures of nature on some walls. These little things help me hold onto the truth that spring will come again.

I keep a Shrine to the Goddess Bridget, on which I have a (fake) mini tree, sea shells, crystals etc. I spend a few minutes with this space every morning and reflect on what Bridget means for me, how she is a triple Goddess, Maiden, Mother and Crone. How she is Goddess of nature, birth, smithing and bards. I find her coming through me as a muse, a comfort and a way to renew after a difficult time.

I have my self-care/self-love wellness kit. It has a binder with things I can do when depression carries me away, and few things that help me find balance and process any uncomfortable or difficult feelings.

I create art, sometimes to put out to look at and feel uplifted by. Sometimes to process those feelings. Lately I have been playing with pastels. I am finding the messiness of them helps me access my inner wounded self, and also access my playfulness, which can be really helpful.

I try to get outside EVERYDAY, even if only to stand on the back deck with my face to the sun. The freshness of the outside air, the sunlight and the movement are all helpful for me to combat those moments when my feelings turn dark and uncomfortable.

I cope with SAD by;

Bringing nature indoors (and representatives for nature)

Using my faith as a gateway to a vibrational uplift

Access the tools of my wellness kits

Creating art

Getting outside

Do you have ways that you combat the low feelings that can come with the darker part of the year? Are you looking for help to create a list or ‘wellness’ kit and a plan to help you? How do you relate to these uncomfortable feelings?

I am always glad to read your email responses to my posts - and look forward to adding things to try for my path, and the paths of those that I help.


I am currently taking on coaching clients - if you are interested in learning more, drop me an email at


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