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2023 - My Year of Divine Pleasure

At the beginning of 2022 I chose a Word of the Year - Align. That word slowly began showing up EVERYWHERE in my life. Random emails, Facebook, in books, conversations and so many other forgotten places. Align became a part of me, of how I connect with myself, with others. It became a piece of the puzzle that helped me define my dream for Deeply Seen.

I looked to recreate that in my life for 2023 with a new word of the year. I found myself drawn to try new things. The end of 2022 was magical for me. I met a lot of amazing folks online - and I have become friends with several of them.

At the end of 2022, I participated in a 10 day Facebook ‘Name Your Year Challenge’ with an amazing woman, Julie Foucht. She created a beautiful guided meditation for each day of the challenge, in which we ‘met’ different aspects of ourselves. We were invited to connect with each of these aspects and write down what we learned.

‘2023 my year of Divine Pleasure’

I had two themes slowly emerge, Pleasure and Divinity. At first I thought I had to choose one for my “Word of the Year”, but Julie interjected that perhaps both were important and that I could “name’ my year. So this year I am naming it ‘2023 my year of Divine Pleasure’.

I continue to wonder how I can bring this into my rhythm, my world and my life for 2023. I created a mindmap in my art journal to get me started. And I have a few ideas for things I want to bring into my rhythm. I am also listening to more podcasts that bring me both learning, and pleasure.

Do you choose a word to embody for the year? Is this something that you desire to have in your life? Or do you choose a word for the day, week or month? What would YOU choose as a word or phrase for 2023?

My friend Amy McNaughton has a word for the week on her Facebook page, recently we used the word ‘kindness’. Bringing that into my week was beautiful. I had recently started changing out the word ‘nice’ for the word ‘kind’ to see if it fit the situation. I decided that I do not want to be nice - because when I think about it, it is something that can leave me feeling misunderstood, resentful and frustrated. BUT when I am kind - which can initially feel not-nice - I end up using more open, clear communication. I work to understand better. So this week-long exercise with Amy happened at the perfect time.

Divine Pleasure for me embodies; fun, sacredness, spirituality, self care and self love. It has brought me to the place of creating sacred time in my rhythm. I have designed a calendar with the moon phases marked in to, and I am in the process of looking at my day-to-day rhythms and how I want to create a feeling of book-ends to my day that includes more divinity. I am looking for more ways to enjoy pleasure in my day-to-day. Currently that includes some time each week in my favourite space meditating lit only with my salt lamp.

I am learning more and more about what brings me to pleasure. Sometimes it is as simple as a warm shower or a hot chocolate when I am feeling low. I love playing on Canva (my new, beautiful friend Dianne has helped me find new ways to use Canva - so much FUN!) and in my art journal. I sometimes enjoy cooking or baking (and eating yummy food). I am also enjoying time spent on my partner's sofa, snuggling up with his cats, watching a show or playing on a tablet, with him right there beside me all cozy and cuddly. I am finding myself drawn to photography with my phone, I recently participated in a three day challenge in which I learned some super cool tricks.

I am embodying my divinity more and more. Sometimes with reading, and listening to podcasts. I am connecting a little more with some online pagans. I am finding myself connecting more and more with different needs that people have. Healing spells, reiki sessions, and even a house cleansing have shown up for me recently.

I am excited to see how Divine Pleasure comes up this year. To experience the ways that it could open me up like the word Align did. 2023 will be a beautiful year and I invite Divine Pleasure to teach me better ways to care for myself.


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