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2022 - A Theme For Each Month

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

In this post I share my plan to have a ‘theme’ for each month to focus and reflect on in 2022. As someone who struggles with depression, anxiety and overall poor self-worth, I think having a specific plan to focus on will help me feel more aligned and complete in my life.

I already have a decent journal routine - it needs a bit of consistency, but overall it is in a good place. I use my own formula to keep track of certain aspects and to be consistent with things like affirmations and gratitudes. I might add this reflection into my current journal plan, or maybe I’ll just see where it goes.

Here is my list of reflection ideas


Creative Identity

I look forward to starting off the New Year with a clearer picture of who I am, and who I am becoming. This past year (2021) has been an amazing year for growth, learning, connecting and becoming cleaner with myself about my beliefs and goals.

So moving into 2022, I want to refine my understanding of self and to bring my life into alignment with my soul's purpose.


Daily Rhythm

I struggle a lot with sticking to a routine and I easily get distracted from it by outside sources. Granted with other people in my life there are always needs to be met and situations to deal with. Especially as a Mum, but as my children are mostly grown it is time for me to be there for myself more. I believe that getting more clean about having a clear rhythm to follow will really help me to ‘fill my own cup’ more easily and more often.

I hope that in coming to a place of self-fulfilment I will be more able to bring my mental health to a positive place.


Healthy Living

This is a BIG idea. It will take some serious thought to become more clear about what I want to do for myself to live a healthier way. This month is a good, quiet month to tackle a bigger issue. I will certainly look at diet, and exercise, though I also want to pay attention to the little ways I care for myself, like connection, spiritual practises and self-talk.



This is my birthday month and I want to get clear about how I can reduce over-thinking, self-doubt, and self-sabotage. I would like to be more able to be ‘in the moment’ more often and to clearly connect with my soul self.

I am sure that this month will bring more guided meditations to my mind. This is the birthday gift I will give to myself this year.


Working Environment

This is a tough one for me, because my work environment is inside my home and they overlap ALL THE TIME. It will take some clear thought to help me bring my work time out of my self time and to be cleaner about ending my work days. I hope to also be more able to be on task when I am working and create a way in my environment to help me do that.


Time Use

Another tough month because - squirrel - I am easily distracted and overwhelmed, so I sometimes go down a rabbit hole instead of doing the task at hand. I will take a long look at how the GTD/Pomodoro systems, that I am currently trying, are working and maybe find a way to revamp them more to meet my needs, or possibly scrap them for something better.


Energy Conservation

This is a prep month for when things go nuts in September. Having a plan on how to make the most of the energy that I do have and saving energy when I really need to, will help me create a better self care plan. I have the tendency to over-extend myself in service to my friends and family. Creating a way to still be able to help others and feel more in tune with my own needs is on the agenda for this month. Having the plan available in future will certainly help me to keep my ‘cup full’.


Community and Support

Another prep month. I have a handful of wonderful people in my life, who help me out all the time and help keep me sane when life hands out the crazies. Having some clean boundaries with them and not feeling like I am taking them for granted will go a long way towards asking for the help I need, and offering the help I can give.

I also want to reflect on my larger community. I live in a beautiful small town and there are so many amazing souls here. I would like to cultivate a few more close friends who create some of the rich culture around me.



This is a sore subject for me. I can create income, but would like it to flow more (especially into my bank account). Looking at how I view money and what my beliefs are will be helpful in changing my relationship with it. Hopefully by the time I get to this month, I will have already shifted some things in my life and my relationship with money will be improved.



Every year for about ten years I had a “Word of the Year” and I tried so many words. Words like ‘Serenity,’ ‘Peace,’ Spirit,’ and… Well you get the idea. Every year my focus became “Education,” “Learn,” so I finally gave up and embraced it. It seems obvious to me that this little exercise of having a focus each month is a take on “Education” being a part of my theme for the year.

I will use this month to reflect on what I have learned so far this year, and put a plan in place to organise my education plan for next year.


Story of Life

I put this theme in my year to help me move my focus away from using my story to colour everything I do and bring it to a specific time. My life story has lots of challenges and excitement (not the good kind) in it. I want to focus this month on the gifts that I have received from my experiences, even the ones wrapped in sandpaper.


Reflection and Planning

As everyone else does, I spend part of this month on planning for the next year. Life goals, work goals, family goals etc. I also look at my marketing calendar and plan which months I will have new products available, or hold a sale, or take time off. This year (2021), I am looking at the past year more effectively and reflecting on the good, bad and ugly, before I plan out next year's goals. Thanks to Leonie Dawson’s Life Workbook and Biz Workbook. I am feeling more calm and collected about how I want next year to go. I am also feeling more in flow with my rhythm as well.


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